Short History

Foradex Group is the largest private drilling and exploration company in Romania, with over 70 years experience.

The Company was established by the Romanian State in 1939 under the name of "Commercial Administration for Mining, Prospecting and Exploration" (ACEX).

Since 1939, the Company has been successively named:
- "State Enterprises for Mining Exploration" (ISEM) (1950 – 1966);
- "Geological Exploration Division" (IGEX) (1966 – 1970);
- "Enterprise for Drilling and Special Geological Works" (IFLGS) (1970 – 1990).

In 1991, IFLGS, become majority shareholder was the Romanian state at the time, was transformed into a Joint Stock Company named S.C. "FORADEX" S.A. Since the beginning, the main objectives of the Company's activity have been to perform exploration and prospecting works, using drilling, mining and other specific methods for discovering new fields of oil, gas, geothermal water and other useful mineral deposits (such as coal, minerals, ornamental rocks) and to design and manufacture the technical facilities specific to the drilling activity.

Some of the results obtained from the geological research performed by Foradex are listed below:
  • Finding and identifying 850 deposits oil, gas, geothermal water, gold, iron, copper and drinking water, carbon dioxide, iron and gold ores;
  • Identifying in 1975 the first oil and gas field discovered in the Black Sea as a result of the first offshore well drilled in Romania.