Technical Achievements

  • Since 1970, under the USA – Christensen Diamond Products License, Foradex has manufactured drilling tools with natural diamond type "surface set" forthe geological drilling as well as for oil drilling, drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete (crowns and core heads – over 300,00 pcs. And bits – over 4,000 pcs.);
  • Technology and equipment improvernent for large diameter drilling (5,000 mm diameter and 400 m depth);
  • Equipment manufacture and supply for geological and geotechnical drilling employed by offshore platforms for spild mineral deposits research and prospecting;
  • The preparation of engineering projects for over 300 wells (for depths starting with 300 m and down to 800 m) for underground water in Libya, as part of the works performed in East El Jabal Hassauna, Sarir and Jaghboub area , for the Libyan Great Man-Made River Project.