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Geothermal Water

A. Activities in Romania:

In the year 1964 our company accomplished the first drilling work for geothermal water supply, in Romania. Up to present more than 247 geothermal water wells - depths in the range of 1,000 – 3,500 m (over 355,000 m) and 450 – 1200 C for research and for production, were drilled in all suitable areas of the country (Calimanesti city, Caciulata city– Olt Valley, Valcea county – district; Snagov commune, Ilfov Agricultural District; Otopeni commune, Ilfov Agricultural District; Sanicolaul Mare city, Timis county).

Foradex supplied geothermal energy in equivalent of 5100 tons of oil per year, in the benefit of 10 cities / villages. The cost of geothermal energy was about 30% from the cost of conventional energy.

Projects 4
In the last decade we drilled annually in Tunisia 1 -2 geothermal wells. Foradex was the beneficiary of the state budgetary funding and of the ANRM (National Agency for Mineral Resources) support to perform geological researches for geothermal water in two locations, Ciorogarla (Ilfov County) and Seaca (Valcea County).

Projects 5Our company has a Geothermal Division in charge with the geological research, the drilling, testing and development works and current exploitation of the geothermal water reservoirs.
One fifth of the total of 97 geothermal water wells is supplying the thermal energy for various beneficiaries, energy to be used for heating, sanitary water, greenhouse heating, aquaculture and balneo-therapy.

Projects 6B. Overseas activities:

GREECE: Foradex supplied technical assistance for geothermal wells, for PROJECT STUDIES AND MINING DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION S.A. (GEMEE-SA).
TUNISIA: Foradex carried out exploration geothermal wells (8 wells maximum T.D. of 2,400 m) in Tozeur and Kebily District, mainly for the Ministry of Agriculture – "Commissariat Regional au Developpement Agricole". The Ministry of Industry Phosphates National Co. Foradex performed one exploration geothermal well maximum
T.D. of. 2,500 m.