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Underground Water

A. Activities in Romania:

• We execute water drillings in any kind of rock both with direct and reverse circulation, up to 2500 m
• The offer of complementary services for drilling activities
• Providing cab with pomp, booth, measuring equipment control and automation
• The company offers guarantee and post-guarantee services
Drilling rigs: Aquadrill 1000, Agbo 200-300, Wirth B3A, FA 32, T 50, F 100.

Water wells for testing, investigation and exploration, which have led to the identification of 131 groundwater aquifers (over 463,000 m);
Water wells drilling along with the production system used In numerous localities (app. 830,000 m with depth ranging between 100 m to 800 m);
Drilling wells (100 to 500 m), exploited with 8 – 12 diameter submerged pumps, to lower the hydrostatic level (over 280,000 m).
Monitoring wells drilling of 1,225 wells totalizing over 229,000 m with depths between 40 and 320 m. Foradex is drilling contractor for SOLEL BONEH COMPANY.

Projects 7 Projects 8

Foradex drilled wells for water feeding on the entire territory of Romania, from Negru Voda to Carei and from Botosani to Maclavit.
The way the company managed to achieve great results both in quality and in number of the wells drilled represented a decisive factor in winning the competition organized by Solel Boneh for the right to be a subcontractor within the program for the rehabilitation of the Romanian Villages.
Also should be mentioned the works executed for an underground water survey in order to determine the degree of hydrocarbon soil pollution in the southern area of Ploiesti (over 100 wells in the Brazi area).