Foradex Sud

Foradex Sud 02The subsidiary was founded in 2012 and is part of the Foradex Group. The subsidiary was created for the purpose of serving potential clients in the southern part of the country, especially Ilfov County and Bucharest and it operates over several geothermal water wells.

The geothermal water of the southern part of the country is renowned for its special qualities that makes it suitable for balneal-therapy, due to its 2,4 – 2,8 g/l mineralization, 40 - 82˚C temperatures and 22 – 35l/s pumping flow.

One of the major qualities of geothermal water is the thermal energy provided by water temperature. Thus, the economical attributes of geothermal energy are as follows:
  • Geothermal water has the potential of providing the highest thermal capacity out of all renewable energy sources;
  • Geothermal water has a competitive price by comparison with all the other green energy sources;
  • 25 % gross cost cut margin for thermal and electrical energy produced;
  • For 1 MWh of electric energy produced by geothermal sources, in compliance with 139/2010 regulation, 3 green certificates are offered.
Taking into consideration the introduction of geothermal energy in the system, the result is a reduction of fuel (natural gas). This is reflected in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Exploiting geothermal resources as an alternative energy source for heat and hot water for domestic consumption leads to drastic cost cuts compared to using classic fuels (natural gas).

In accordance with the Kyoto Protocol Romania has promised to reduce GES emissions by 8 % between the year 2008 – 2013.
The percentage of electrical and thermal energy derived from renewable sources should reach 33% in 2011, 35% in 2015 and 38% in 2020.

FORADEX's experience with geothermal water
  • Over 40 years of expertise in the field of geothermal energy;
  • Over 97 geothermal water wells dug across Romania;
  • In Romania 10 towns take advantage of energy provided by FORADEX's geothermal resources;
  • Energy provided from geothermal resources at a competitive price.