Foradex Zambia

Underground Water Drilling

Foradex Zambia operates on the Zambian market as a contractor for drinkable water for the last 40 years and is now renowned as one of the leaders in shallow depth drilling wells. During this time, Foradex Zambia executed several local projects financed by the government, local authorities, international organizations, the private sector etc. For drilling shallow depth water wells in Zambia Foradex uses the rotating drilling method with direct circulation and DTH or percussion with bottom hammer.

Until 2007, Foradex has executed approx. 170 shallow water depth drills per year and between 2008 and 2012 300 approx. 60 m drills were executed.

Foradex Zambia 01
1-BA-15 Installation
Foradex Zambia 02
RESKA – 25

Foradex Zambia has executed over 5000 shallow depth water drills with 1-BA-15 and RESKA-25 installations, summing up to 418.000 m, in order to supply Lusaka, Ndola, Sebembere and other cities with fresh water.

The main beneficiaries of the drilling works for supplying water in Zambia are:

(1970-1973)              GEOLOGICAL SURWEY OF Christensen fil   
  • Copper deposits mining in the Cooperbelt area: SWEBEMBERE        MOCAMBO and KITWE
  • Geological research through Auger drilling of the NTAMBA area and others
    ANTAMINA Society  
  • Coal mining in South Zambia
  • Drilling for water supplying of Lusaka and Ndola cities
  Several private firms  
  • Drilling for water supplying in the turnkey system through Foradex Zambia subsidiary
(2008-2012)   Water Aid, World Vision
Lumwana Mine
Child Fund, Plan Int'l
  • Executing 295 drills for water supplying in the turnkey system through Foradex Zambia subsidiary

Foradex Zambia is in the process of investing in the purchase of two self-propelled Atlas Copco DTH type rigs capable of drilling up to 150 m, equipped with bottom hammers of 8" and 6", which will optimize the water wells drilling activity, two 6x6 trucks of 7-10 tones for the transport of materials, two trailers with personnel accommodations and two 4x4 off-road vehicles. The value of the investment is approx. 500 000 EURO.

The competition in Zambia in the water drilling domain is intense. There are approx. 60 companies that operate on the Zambia territory, but through the investments that are in the process, Foradex Zambia will place itself amongst the top drilling contractors in the area.